Friday, March 16, 2007

Maternity Dress to the Rescue

Thank goodness for our maternity dress! When we first started, we didn’t even offer the maternity style dress that’s now on our site (in three different lengths). Amazingly enough, we were able to scientifically determine that women who fit the demographic of being part of a bridal party may also get pregnant!

We’ve learned firsthand the difficulties of purchasing a bridesmaid dresses while venturing into motherhood. Our friend Noilyn contacted us back in August. She was particularly fond of our Bronze Charmeuse and, along with her bridesmaids, loved the concept of being able to design their own dresses for the wedding. All the bridesmaids ordered without any issues and the dresses were made and delivered to everyone’s satisfaction. However, in the one of the bridesmaids became pregnant and could no longer fit into her dress. We gladly accepted the original dresses in exchange for a newly produced maternity dress. [We wonder how David’s Bridal would’ve handled this!?] Our generosity was rewarded by the powers-that-be when one of the other bridesmaids determined that she ordered the wrong size and we were able to provide her with the dress originally prepared for the then pregnant bridesmaid.

Even with the two dress exchanges, at the end of the day all worked out incredibly well as is evident by the beautiful photo taken by Jenny Stafford of Red Loft Studios shown above. We think the photo demonstrates how nicely our maternity dress blends in with our traditional bridesmaid dresses. We’re very thankful to Noilyn for writing us and letting us know how much she appreciated our efforts on her behalf. You can read her words below in the comment section to this entry.

We Do Try Harder

This has to be my favorite blog comment about us to date. We love the part about our Avis-like “we try harder” approach to customer service. It was posted on, which, as the name implies, is a site dedicated to wedding favors. The only problem with this review is that the satirical part about us being part of a Nigerian spam operation is what comes up in the Google search synopsis. So unless someone reads the full review they may very well think that General Ubgyama, who, from what I’m told, has recently inherited $15 million and needs a U.S. partner to help collect his money, is now designing dresses for us.