Friday, January 23, 2009

In the works . . .

We're looking forward to adding a few new items to our site. We'll be adding a little bit of everything. A few new tops, a bottom, some Celebrity Inspired gowns, and branded bridal jewelry.

The first things that'll be added are our new Sweetheart Strapless Top and Bubble Skirt for our Custom Couture line. Here are some photos:

We've made the Sweetheart Strapless Top for some customers in the past upon special request. After a few of these requests, we decided we should just to add it to our line. We think the Bubble Skirt is a really fashionable item right now and that it'll look great for bridal parties -- or as a sporty cocktail dress.

We thought the following dresses from the recent Golden Globes awards were great and we're in the process of creating some inspired versions:

Kate Winslet
Miley Cyrus
Salma Hayek

Finally, we're looking forward to adding some great bridal jewelry to our site. We thought we'd add some pieces that'll work really well as either bridesmaids gifts and/or items to wear during the ceremony.