Monday, December 25, 2006

Logistical Assistance from the Bride

Recently one of our customers, Linda, helped us get a dress to one of her bridesmaids who ordered a little late. Through no fault of our own, we needed to rush a dress to the bridesmaid on a Saturday morning for a wedding that night!! After we were able to produce the dress much faster than usual we breathed a big sigh of relief and patted ourselves on the back for another job well done. That was until we found out that neither UPS nor FedEx could deliver the dress to where it needed to go before 1:00 pm Saturday. Linda was kind enough to accept delivery of the dress at approx. 9:30 am and get it into the hands of the bridesmaid that same morning. It was a great feeling coming into the office the following Monday with a kind note and photo from Linda letting us know that everyone loved their dresses and expressing her gratitude for getting everything done in time. Linda is elegantly wearing our Scoop Neck Top with Ballroom Skirt in Navy Satin. The woman looks great and, more importantly, has a great heart!

Baltimore Rules

For whatever reason, the U.S. city we seem to be most popular in is Baltimore, Maryland. We haven’t done anything special in the way of marketing to folks in Baltimore. It just seems that word-of-mouth has spread there quicker than in other cities. Other than the movie “Diner”, I never really had an appreciation for Baltimore – I don’t even like crab cakes. Now Baltimore is one of my favorite cities. The picture posted above is from one of our latest Baltimore customers. Christiane needed a dress in a rush for her friend’s wedding. All of the bridesmaids were given the freedom to buy their dresses from wherever they wanted and we’re thrilled Christiane found us. While you may tend to think we’re selling our dresses to dainty women who write poetry and have nicely manicured nails, you can see that we can also make ladies who participate in roller derby look great! Christiane is a member of the Junkyard Dolls which is one of the teams in Charm City Roller Girls (“Baltimore’s Only All Girl Roller Derby League”). Christiane is on the far-right wearing our “Sweet Emmy” dress in red satin (yeah, as if Emmy Rossum could compete in roller derby). As tough a lady as we’re sure Christiane is, she was a delight to work with and we’re happy she looked great at the wedding. Dig those gloves too!

Seasons Greetings!

Being that it’s the holiday season and that the world has taken a much needed pause to celebrate, we thought now would be a good time to post stories and photos from some of our favorite customers who were kind enough to express their gratitude to us and send us pictures of themselves in their Coco Myles dresses.

Of course, with the way blogs work -- with later entries being published above prior entries -- this little intro probably won’t be read until after you’ve read the other entries. In any event, we hope you enjoy(ed) them! And Seasons Greetings to all, particularly to our customers who have made this such a fun year!