Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Bridezilla!? What Bridezilla?

We first mte Naomi after she requested some swatches from us. She liked what we sent her and she then asked us to proceed with making some dresses for her bridesmaids -- which we were only too happy to do. Each dress contains an asymmetrical bottom and the bridesmaids got to choose the top that was best suited for them. Between the time the orders were submitted to the time the dresses were finished, there were a few reqeusts to change some sizing. We could change the sizing, but time was of the essence. Fortuantely, we were able to assure Naomi that all would be okay. Based on some emails we knew she wasn't quite sure we'd live up to our representations. Well, we did. And based on the photo accompanying this post, we did a rather nice job making these very attractive lades into elegant, well-dressed, and beautiful bridesmaids. Naomi even thanked us after for bearing with her Bridezilla qualities. We honestly did not catch that from her. We thought she was just real organized and efficient in getting things done -- a trait we can appreciate. And they all lived happily ever after!