Friday, October 27, 2006

"Cheap Bridesmaids Dresses"? Well, No One Searches for “Bridesmaids Dresses with a High Value Proposition”

We bid on the search term “cheap bridesmaids dresses” but there’s something inherent in the word “cheap” that just doesn’t feel right. While our dresses are inexpensive compared to other bridesmaid dresses (particularly those that are custom made), we tend to think of cheap as being low quality which definitely is not the case here. We also bid on “inexpensive bridesmaids dresses” which is a little more palatable. Unfortunately, with this type of paid-search marketing you have to go with what the masses are searching and, based on Overture’s estimates for last month (September ’06), there were only 359 searches for “inexpensive bridesmaid dresses” while there were more than 7,700 searches for “cheap bridesmaid dresses”. So despite our qualms, I guess we’ll keep bidding on the cheap.

Thursday, October 26, 2006's "Professional" Posting Policy

So every now and then (okay, practically everyday), we’ll go to, which is the largest wedding community website, and type “coco myles” or “cocomyles” into their search field to see what’s being said about us. So far so good, thankfully!

Their posting policy prohibits “solicitations” so we never sought to go there and tout our wares. However, the other day we came across this thread. We figured this was a pefect, non-solicitous situation in which we could interject and offer some information to some prospective customers. We simply wanted to inform the person who started the thread that she could order swatches from us and see, first-hand, the difference between the satin and charmeuse fabrics.

I had previously become a member of and, during the sign-in process, honestly identified myself as a “professional” rather than a groom or wedding guest. When I tried to post a response to the above thread, I got a message stating that professionals were not allowed to post.

I definitely understand why wants to prevent solicitations on their message boards. I can only imagine how many photographers, limo drives, and wedding bands would be posting. However, I think it’s unfortunate that they don’t give professionals the opportunity to answer, or inform, members if they have a question. I guess it’s tough balancing solicitations and honest information. Maybe they could prevent professionals from starting threads but allow them to post on existing ones. Just a thought.