Thursday, December 03, 2009

The International Side of Coco Myles

Being that bridesmaids dresses are our business, we've taken the time to research how the whole bridesmaid dress tradition came into being. Surprisingly, it originated from a need to fake out evil spirits so that they wouldn't know which woman in the bridal party was the bride. Apparently, both the bride and her maids dressed identically back in the day. The tradition of wearing the same color dress remains today (at least for the bridal party) and is still very much part of weddings in the English speaking world. Thus, we particularly love it when we supply a bridal party that's a bit off the beaten parth.

We were thrilled when we heard from Jacqueline, who had worn one of our dresses in an earlier wedding in Prague. [Jacqueline is easily our most international customer!]. She told us she was getting married in Germany, where the same-color bridesmaid dress tradition was not so prevalent and that her bridesmaids were not too keen on all wearing the same color dress. Fortunately, once all the dresses were in-hand, the bridesmaids were thrilled with the result --- as were we. We love the above photos which show off, rather nicely we might add, some of our Pink Georgette dresses. From left to right (in the lower photo) are the following dresses: Bradgelina, Scoop Neck Top/A-Line Skirt with Royalty Beading, Hail the Queen, and Graceful.