Thursday, June 28, 2007

Encrypted . . . and in Good Company

When we started a little over a year ago, we decided that we'd encrypt all the credit/debit card information we receive from our customers on our servers. This does tend to lead to the occasional problem of our having to call a customer for their credit card info if they want to add another item to their existing order or decide to use expedited shipping after placing the order. The usual response is "Can't you just add it to my existing order?" We answer this question by explaining that the encryption is for the customer's protection. This is usually, although not always, treated as a satisfactory answer.

Based on a story today in Internet Retailer, it seems that the hassle is well worth the effort.

On average, only 66% of merchants and other organizations involved in processing payment card data encrypt that data for transmission over the Internet, compared to 100% among best-in-class organizations, research and advisory firm Aberdeen Group says in a new study, “Protecting Cardholder Data.”

We will certainly continue to encrypt credit/debit card info even if it means a few extra calls to customers.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Yellow is Big

As per the Wall Street Journal, Bright Yellow seems to be the big, new color. We've yet to see a Yellow that's brighter than our Charmeuse version (as seen in the immediately preceding post). Here's a little summary:

THE TREND: Bright yellow on everything from ball gowns to patent platform pumps.
WHO'S DOING IT: Jil Sander, Catherine Malandrino, Nanette Lepore, Burberry and Nicole Miller, among others.
WHY IT'S HAPPENING: Recent spring and summer lines showed splashes of color, and now designers are taking yellow front and center. "Women need a ray of light in their wardrobe," says Ms. Malandrino, who adds that her most popular dress this season is a short bright yellow chiffon number.