Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Introducing Our Jr. Bridesmaid Dress

As stated in one of the earlier posts, we're grateful for all the customer recommendations we've received about adding certain items to our offerings. The latest dress we'll be adding as a result of those comments is our Jr. Bridesmaid dress. Our website folks are currently adding this dress to our site, but we thought we'd at least show you what it looks like on this blog. Over on the left are the front and back images of the dress. We're giving our customers the ability to choose both a base and accent color. This way if the bridesmaids dresses are, let's say, Chocolate then the bride can choose to use the Chocolate as an accent color to the Jr. Bridesmaid dress. The dress shown is an example of a White base color with a Chocolate accent color. Of course, the dress can be made in one solid color as well.

The dress is currently available for sale ($115.00) and should be up on our site within the next week. If you'd like any information about sizing and specifications, please send us an email.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Our Posting Offer

We think the best way to help persuade people to choose us is for them to hear from previously satisfied customers. For brides-to-be in particular, we know we're asking you to trust us with a pretty important purchasing decision. Advertisements in magazines are great, but we think nothing works better than a customer testimonial. The problem with testimonials is that they only appear on the "testimonee's" website or literature. To broaden the scope of the testimonial concept, we're asking our customers to post about their experiences with us on third-party sites like,, craigslist, etc. where there's much greater exposure.

For honest positive comments, we're agreeing to either credit our customers $10.00 from their order or provide them with a free Coco Myles t-shirt (shown above -- American Apparel Girly Tank 5.8 oz 100% Cotton). We've never really heard of a company doing this before but we think it's a highly credible way to create greater awareness about Coco Myles in the bridesmaid market. So if any of you out there are old customers and want in on this, just send us an email with a link to your comments and we'll give you the credit or the t-shirt. And let us know your size if choosing the t!