Thursday, October 19, 2006

Speaking of Real, Live Women

Despite our high customer satisfaction rate, we're still finding it difficult to get women to send us photos of the dresses being worn, particularly by their bridal parties. My guess is that when women are planning their wedding and are caught up in the excitement of ordering, or merely discussing the ordering of their bridesmaid dresses, they’re very willing to say, “Sure, I’ll send you some photos!” Then the wedding comes around, then the honeymoon, followed by catching up at work and nights spent sending out “thank you” cards. Before you know it, the bride has forgotten all about us. We also feel a little weird about nagging someone after the fact – we don’t want to come off as the “stalking bridesmaid dressmaker”. The truth is we realize that after the wedding, we’re not that high on someone’s priority list. We also think that women may not want pictures of their wedding posted on the Web or used for commercial purposes, which we totally understand. We’re trying to come up with ways to incentivize (strange how this word does not pass spell-check muster) our customers to send us those photos.

Given some feedback we’ve received and comments we’ve seen on some sites (i.e., we do think this will help others feel more confident about ordering from us. In an ideal world, we’d love to have our customers send us video clips from their weddings which we'd then make available for others to view.

That being said, I am thankful to a wonderful woman who just got married in the UK and was kind enough to send us these photos of her beautiful bridal party. I have to admit the whole “English Countryside” thing is a great backdrop for our dresses – it definitely does them justice! By the way, the dresses are Classic American Beauties (love the irony that they’re being worn by Classic British Beauties) in black satin.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Real, Live Women

When we launched back in March, our take was that the website did a great job of showing what the dresses looked like. I loved that our site looks and works like an actual dressmaking application while other sites look like electronic versions of old-fashioned catalogs. Well, as we now seek to broaden our marketing efforts beyond that of paid-search, it seems we need to have some real, live women in our dresses in order to develop a press kit that will be acceptable to traditional media outlets like television and magazines. The truth is we’ve also had a fair number of customers also asking to see what the dresses look like on women.

So we’ve hired our models and are now looking forward to leaving the artistic wizardry in the very capable hands of our photographers, Arnold and David Katz. The shoot is scheduled for November 1 and, hopefully, we’ll have the whole press kit ready in the middle of November, although I’m sure this kind of thing will take longer than anticipated.