Friday, August 28, 2009

The Vibrancy of Charmeuse

We constantly get questions about which fabric is best for bridesmaids dresses. We send swatches free of charge but we still have customers ask us about the difference between our charmeuse and satin. We tell them that the satin is heavier and a bit more forgiving since it's blended with a touch of Lycra. Our charmeuse is lighter and generally more vibrant in terms of color. We think the above photo demonstrates just how vibrant that color can be (please click on the photo so you can see it in all its glory)! These dresses were all made from our Wine Charmeuse and we think they look incredible. We also love that the photo shows such a large variety of our top and bottom styles, including our Jr. Bridesmaid dress and our Pickup Skirt (which is an incredibly popular bottom style right now).

Our heartfelt thanks to the bride, Karrie, for being kind enough to share the photo with us. Also, hats off to Artisan Photography for taking such a beautiful photo! You can read Karrie's kind words about, and review of, Coco Myles in the Testimonials section of our website.